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Explosion Proof Equipment

Explosion Proof Equipment

Explosion Protection Methods

Hot surfaces, sparks, arcs and electrostatic discharges are all potentially incentive sources. Electrical equipment for hazardous area operation is designed to exclude, suppress or contain the effect of these sources. This is achieved by a variety of established, approved methods to render the equipment explosion proof. These include immersing the electrical equipment in oil, filling the equipment enclosure with an inert powder, and encapsulation of the fittings to ensure that the flammable mixture is excluded and cannot interface with the incentive components.

The different methods of protection, their coding and the standards against which they are approved are included in the table below.

IEC 60079 series documents have been released. These are referred to in BS EN 60079 part 0, Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Atmospheres, General requirements. Parts of this IEC series will be based on, and equivalent to, the BS EN 50 series documents. The foreword to BS EN 60079 notes that it is based on the text of BS EN 50014.