We are partnerof Global Process Systems “GPS”in Egypt, they can provide the following Engineering Services.

Conceptual and Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Studies

Our service capability covers the entire project lifecycle, from identifying the opportunity to the operating phase. Our design and engineering services begin from the concept phase of the project and are fully tailored for projects in the Upstream Industry including Gas Oil Separation Plants (GOSP) & LPG/LNG facilities. GPS expertise and skills allow for fast-track project delivery. Through the application of high-end design tools such as PDMS, successive design and engineering phases can be integrated. In this way a new plant or facility is made operational in the shortest possible time.

GPS provides the following FEED services:

  1. Execution Basic and Detail Design.
  2. Preparation of Specifications
  3. Implementation of Value Improving Practices
  4. Implementation of Front End Loading
  5. Validation
  6. Material Selection
  7. 3D Design (PDMS)

FEED/Consultancy Examples:

  1. VITOL - Alawi Field Facilities Review - BAPCO, Bahrain.
  2. Addax Petroleum - Gas Compression & Condensates Platform - Nigeria
  3. Nexus Energy/Viking - Gas Condensates FPSO - Australia
  4. Yemen Gas Company - Onshore LPG Plant - Yemen
  5. Murphy Oil - Production Platform - Malaysia
  6. ADMA-OPCO - Production Facilities Upgrade - Abu Dhabi
  7. Qatar Petroleum/Worley - Platform FEED Verification - Qatar

Modular Process Equipment Design and Fabrication

Complex Modular Process Equipment Design and Fabrication GPS has a strong track record in the fast track delivery of both onshore and offshore process and utilities modules. Our capabilities include full project lifecycle delivery including FEED, Detailed Design, Procurement and Fabrication. GPS project delivery through our project offices and in-house fabrication yards ensures that we can provide a seamless interface between engineering, procurement and fabrication. Our single point responsibility delivery enables a surety of transfer of the design from the drawing board, through the procurement cycle to the fabricated module. Our clients are relieved of the risks and responsibilities associated with managing these interfaces (or ensuring that they are adequately managed). Our execution methodology means that we can take advantage of early design data which is transposed into early fabrication allowing for a fast track delivery. GPS can also take on responsibility for mechanical completion and pre-commissioning. The GPS delivery also includes all of the necessary design and calculations required for load out of the modules from our fabrication yards. Once the modules are delivered to the site, vessel or platform. GPS also has the ability to provide final commissioning assistance at field operations location. Fabrication Our comprehensive in-house fabrication facilities located in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Batam Island (Indonesia) and Songkla&Rayong (Thailand) support project execution across the globe by helping us to maximize the use of our global resource base of the right people, equipment, materials and contracting options to complete each project on time and within budget.

Calibration Services

GPS offers its calibration services through iNe Technologies Ltd, an electrical & instrumentation controls and systems integration company. iNe skills provide both electrical and instrumentation services, complete with detailed design engineering, procurement, installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up. Support for these services is located in the Middle East, and South East Asia regions. iNe acknowledges that it is important to all of our customers that their business maximizes production by implementing programs to ensure facilities and equipment are optimized. iNeoperates 24/7 offering a comprehensive range of calibration and testing services by arranging to have your equipment collected, tested, certified and returned to you as quickly as possible. iNeutilises its portable laboratory to ensure accurate calibrations in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 - General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. This portable testing laboratory can be mobilised at short notice complete with specialist testing technicians to meet customer needs.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction (Full EPC / Turnkey)

Through its Joint venture with Kentz, Kentz Global Oil & Gas Process Systems, GPS is able to provide Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication & Construction Management services as a Turnkey package. Kentz Global focuses on providing an integrated service to our clients based on knowledge, expertise, understanding & capability in implementing large multi disciplined contracts. Kentz Global provides the expertise & resources to design, develop & manage clients onshore process & production facilities, such as:

Kentz Global has the ability to provide individually tailored and integrated EPCM project delivery solutions through adhering to strict principles of safety and quality in design. Specialising in project implementation through a variety of contracting models, Kentz Global brings world-class expertise and capabilities to all aspects of a project.

Electrical & Instrumentation Works

GPS carries out its electrical instrumentation works through iNe a wholly owned subsidiary specializing in electrical & instrumentation controls and systems integration. iNe provides both electrical & instrumentation services, complete with detailed design engineering and procurement. Support for these services is located in the Middle East and South East Asia. With its extensive experience of providing E&I systems to the oil & gas industry, iNe brings a unique blend of skills in all facets of electrical and instrumentation, PLC, DCS, ESD, F&G, SCADA systems, integration, procurement, systems configuration and commissioning.

iNe is able to provide the following services:

iNe is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company for electrical instrumentation systems for the oil and gas, and petro-chemical associated industries.

Mechanical Completions, Preservation, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning

Mechanical Completion (CMS)

Mechanical Completion is an integral process of management verification of approved design installation. It represents the interface between construction and commissioning group activities and includes all interface checks between all systems and subsystems whether modular or plant wide. Mechanical Completion verification confirms that construction and installation of equipment, piping, instrumentation, cabling, electrical, telecoms and mechanical components are physically complete and all inspections, testing and documentation requirements have been completed.


Preservation covers the method of protection and preventative maintenance carried out on equipment and systems before and after they are taken into use. The process begins with the application of preservatives and protection fittings by suppliers/vendors, prior to delivery permitting the equipment/system to arrive at GPS fabrication yard undamaged.


Pre-Commissioning (PC) is the stage that involves the verification of functional operability of elements within the system, by subjecting them to a set of simulated operational conditions, to achieve a state of readiness for commissioning. Pre-commissioning requires energisation of equipment and the introduction of the Permit to Work / LOTO systems. Some examples include the running and entire testing of the power generation systems, testing of emergency shutdown and control systems and dynamic trials on oil and gas export systems prior to load out to minimize the offshore or site scope.


GPS's commissioning capability consists of checking and testing all functions according to their design parameters in conditions as close as possible to the design conditions, and in bringing them to the status “Ready for Start-Up / Operations Readiness”.

Conversion of Mat Type Rigs to Mobile Offshore Production Units

GPS has extensive experience in the conversion of redundant 250 ft Mat Type Drilling Rigs inclusive of all marine/hull and topsides systems, which are fully refurbished and converted into oil and gas Mobile Offshore Production Units (MOPU). The advantage of these types of units is that they can be configured quickly by GPS to suit specific oil or gas production requirements, mobilized to site and put into production on a fast-track basis. Once the field declines, these units can be relocated at little cost with minimal abandonment cost compared to a fixed jacket.

GPS Rig Conversion Services consists of a team of experienced design and construction engineers with extensive knowledge in rig conversions, the main principles applied by GPS to rig conversions are as follows:

Operation & Maintenance of Process Plants & Facilities

GPS offers a complete operations and maintenance (O&M) organization team of highly experienced personnel who are both managerial and hands on, with additional expertise in implementing training programs for client operations and maintenance crews so that crews become familiar and competent in the safe operation of GPS provided plant and facilities. We use a state of the art Maintenance Management Asset Integrity system which allows accurate planning of all maintenance programs (INFOREAM MP2) to ensure efficiency and production through-put of processing facilities with detailed planned maintenance routines. GPS O&M organisation has experience of Onshore & Offshore production facilities and can assemble a highly motivated team at short notice to meet client requirements. GPS O&M is managed throughout all project phases via our RAPID REACH RESPONSE Emergency Response Program which is managed by the GPS HSE Managers and project facilities Production Superintendent.