First Aid Kits & Supplies

First Aid Kits & Supplies


Medication can be a controversial addition to a first aid kit, especially if it is for use on members of the public. It is, however, common for personal or family first aid kits to contain certain medications. Dependent on scope of practice, the main types of medicine are life saving medications, which may be commonly found in first aid kits used by paid or assigned first aiders for members of the public or employees, painkillers, which are often found in personal kits, but may also be found in public provision and lastly symptomatic relief medicines, which are generally only found in personal kits.

Life saving

         Aspirin primarily used for central medical chest pain as an anti-platelet

         Epinephrine auto injector (brand name Epipen) - often included in kits for wilderness use and in places such as summer camps, to treat anaphylactic shock.

Pain killers

         Paracetamol (also known as Acetaminophen) is one of the most common pain killing medication, as either tablet or syrup

         Anti-inflammatory painkillers such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen or other NSAIDs can be used as part of treating sprains and strains

         Codeine which is both a painkiller and anti-diarrheal